Protective Services

Trust the Best for Your Protection

Finding a reputable bodyguard that will go above and beyond to protect you, can be difficult to find in Des Moines. At VIPIOWA, our team of security experts have been expertly trained for a variety of tasks.

Our premier services include:

· Armed and unarmed security

· Secure site-to-site transportation

· Event and special occasion security

· Celebrity services (including pre- and post-event, shopping, etc.)


Event Security

VIP Protective Services provides skilled and experienced security officers and a trained staff for a wide array of special events. These include trade shows, corporate events, conventions, and concerts, festivals, off road races, private parties, and sporting events. VIP Protective Services is known for providing nightclub security and for creating security plans for corporate parties.

Security for special events held at nightclubs is often provided by VIP. Insuring nightclub staff and celebrities are protected is a top priority we feel proud to offer our customers.

VIP Iowa provides services for charity events, conventions, awards programs, movie and film location security and grand openings for a wide range of businesses.

Experience and Professionalism

Security at events can be complex, depending on the type of event. VIP IOWA staff is fully experienced in management of security for events. Our staff, from management to supervisors pride themselves on their high levels of professionalism and management of the most complex types of events held in IOWA. 

Personal Security Service for Everyone

A service becoming rather popular is to hire your own personal bodyguards in Des Moines or surrounding cities, even if you are not a celebrity! A perk once reserved for the elite, wealthy or star body guarding services have now become a commercialized service being offered to visitors and individuals who look make their night a bit special.

VIP IOWA bodyguards are suited and ready to service your every need inside the nightclub standing effortlessly by your side protecting for assists and bottle service.

Many people think that hiring a bodyguard is something that is outside of their budget, especially if they are not a celebrity. However, there are times when an individual will need a temporary bodyguard and will want to hire one for a day. Whether the bodyguard is armed plays a role in how much it will cost. For those who need a driver or who do not need a bodyguard full-time, such as on business trip, a bodyguard can be surprisingly affordable.